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Laser Dentistry

Laser Dentistry


  A.  Periodontal

           · Laser soft tissue curettage.

           · Laser removal of diseased, infected, inflamed,and necrosed soft tissue within the periodontal pocket

        · Removal of highly inflamed edematous tissue affected by bacteria penetration of the pocket  

        · Sulcular debridement (removal of diseased orinflamed soft tissue in the periodontal pocket to improve clinical indices

           including: gingival index, gingival bleeding index, probe depth, attachment loss and tooth mobility) 

     B. Cosmetics & Surgery

        · Exposure of unerupted teeth

        · Fibroma removal

        · Frenectomy and frenotomy

        · Gingival troughing for crown impressions

        · Gingivectomy & Gingivoplasty
           Gingival incision and excision

        · Hemostasis and coagulation Implant recovery

        · Incision and drainage of abscessteukoplakla

        · Operculectomy

        · Oral papillectomies

        · Reduction of gingival hypertrophy

        · Soft Tissue crown lengthening

        · Treatment of canker sores, herpetic and aphthous ulcers of the oral mucosa

        · Vestibuloplasty